We bring great things to your table. Our fresh flavors make the difference in your business, and our global approach to excellence translates into everything we deliver.

Quality Assurance

It takes a lot of work to have consistently beautiful, safe, quality food. We have some of the industry’s finest professionals and with their proven track record-of-success they take extensive measures to ensure every product is as it should be.


Dotta Foods provides integrated logistics solutions that include just in time delivery, nationwide warehousing, distribution, fulfillment and comprehensive transportation management – all engineered for operational excellence.

Industry Knowledge

Our founder, Freddy Carbajal Dotta, sets our example of extensive international experience, and respect of beautiful food products. The Dotta team encompasses over 100 years of collective food industry knowledge and it shows in everything we do.

Product Pioneering

We know that each customer has different needs and expectations. We offer state of the art, on-trend innovation in R&D to ensure that we satisfy any custom need you may have. We use a Six Sigma-based, iterative process to provide high-quality custom products, quickly and efficiently.

Private Label

This brand is your brand & this brand is our brand! The success of any great partnership is mutual respect and care for one another. We practice the ownership of protecting your brand from its colors to its flavors and all parts in between.